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 i was asked to put this up Auction in aid of Rainbow House

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PostSubject: i was asked to put this up Auction in aid of Rainbow House   Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:13 pm

The Legacy Rainbow House specialise in providing services for children with brain injuries, disabilities and life limiting conditions from its
centre of excellence, The Legacy. We are currently creating and implementing new innovative services meeting the needs of children,
young people and their families, via rehabilitation, therapy, education and recreation built on a philosophy known as Conductive Education.
Our ethos is based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation and education which uses Conductive Education at its core. We have a team of
transdisciplinary staff whose role is to encourage the children to become more independent. Together the staff develop the children’s
awareness and understanding of the world around them and help them learn how to undertake tasks which will build their self esteem, help
with integration and enable them to become active members of the community.
Our services meet the individual needs of each child in every area of learning, giving them greater
confidence and understanding of their bodies so that they can become more independent and ultimately
lead a better quality of life.
The Legacy Rainbow House provides high quality care and education in a safe, loving environment where
children can explore, learn and be positively challenged. We work in partnership with parents and other
professionals to help children learn and develop their full potential. We prepare each child to be as
confident and independent as possible so that they can be integrated into their community. Above all we
offer a service that promotes equality and values diversity.
The Legacy Rainbow House is dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities. We also
encourage non-disabled siblings and children to attend from the local community to promote integration.
We are the only centre in the North of England to offer this range of services. We receive no direct funding
from Government or the health service, however, we are supported almost entirely by corporate
partnerships, sponsorship and community fundraising.
Our current services are offered to children up to the age of 21 and their families, and currently include:
The Legacy Nursery; Early Years Learning; Conductive Education; Physiotherapy; Outdoor play areas;
Outdoor classroom; Fruit garden; Sensory room and garden; Parent and child group; Family learning;
Holiday Club; Saturday Fun Club; Training for partner organisations, professionals and students.
The sale opens as soon as the BHW goes to press and lines close at 7pm on Sunday, 2nd December,
with the proceeds going to The Legacy at Rainbow House, Mawdsley, Ormskirk.
Please make sure you give yourself time to make your bid as lines will close dead on 7pm on 2nd December.
Lots 1-14 contact Kenny Burns 07904 066559 (anytime) or 01772 497142 (after 5pm);
Lots 15-27 contact Dave Atkin 07400 746004 or 01522 883032 anytime.
Payment for bids should be made by successful bidders within seven days after sale closes.
Cheques and postal orders should be made out to: ‘The Legacy at Rainbow House’. Cash should be sent by recorded delivery.
Please send to K. Burns, 30 Victoria Street, Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancs, PR5 5RA.
The pigeons donated will be ready for racing in 2013 and are from a select draft of Combine, Open, Classic and Amal winning lofts,
who have kindly donated their very best to raise much needed funds for the cause. Let’s dig deep and give these brave kiddies
something special for Christmas.
A very big thank you to all donating lofts. All donations also accepted from anyone not wanting to buy birds.
We will also have a sale update on on Tuesday and Thursday during the week of the sale.
Thanks in advance to everyone involved, and enjoy the sale.
Note: All winning buyers will be responsible for collection/carriage when their young bird is ready.
Lot 1. G. & G. Buckley, Rochdale will donate an
Elsacker x Braspenning middle-distance. A few
of the loft’s results with these birds are: 2 x 1st
Section L plus 2nd, 3rd and 5th Section L, 3rd
and 5th Open NFC, 3 x 1st Lancs Nantes Club,
1st, 2nd, 4th Open North West Classic Club.
Cracking middle-distance young bird on offer
here from a top loft, winning at top level.
Lot 2. Gary Spavin, Lancaster. No need for
introduction to this loft. In my opinion the most
consistent winning loft at all levels. Gary offers a
Heremans-Ceusters x van Dyck young bird. This
loft has won 50 x 1st in the last two years. A top
young bird in this lot.
Lot 3. R. L. Whitworth, Rochdale will breed a
van den Bosche young bird out of their family of
pigeons to win 3 x 1st Lancashire Combine, 3 x
1st Lancashire Nantes, 1st North West Classic
Club, big results. A class young bird on offer from
a top winning loft.
Lot 4. Mr & Mrs Childs & Son. This top winning
loft has donated a Busschaert x Janssen x van
Loon x Vandenabeele. Sire No Tail, Busschaert x
Janssen, winner of 17 x 1st, bred by Craig Watts,
Oldbury. Dam A van Loon x Vandenabeele, bred
winners, from Mr & Mrs Richard Mole, Aldridge.
This pair has bred us four separate multiple
prizewinners. A top drawer young bird from
proven parents. Winners breeding winners.
Lot 5. Brian Fisher, Todmorden. Brian offers a
pair of young birds out of his proven winning
family that have achieved some top
performances as follows: 1st and 2nd NWCC,
2nd and 3rd Open NFC, 2 x 1st Section L, 4 x 1st
Lancs Combine, 3 x 1st Lancs Nantes 2Bird
Club. These are just a few of Brian’s
performances. Top young birds guaranteed from
this loft.
Lot 6. Dave Atkin, Lincoln. On offer in this lot is
a racing kit of six young birds from the best of the
Wall, Lunt & Green pigeons. Top racing
machines with breeding to back them up.
Everybody knows the calibre of the WLG
pigeons, winning big wherever they go. Dave has
kindly donated free carriage to get this kit of six
to their new home. These will be ready mid to
end of March. Contact Dave for any further info
on 01522 883032 or email:
Lot 7. Kenny Burns, Preston. This lot is bred by
myself. The buyer can have the pick of the loft. A
pair of young birds, ready March time. Sprint or
distance birds in stock loft, the choice is yours.
I’m just restarting again so you will be getting
birds I’m going to be racing, van Reet,
Busschaert, van de Rhee and Lambrecht.
Lot 8. A. J. Brooks, Son & Turner, Aylesbury.
The partnership offers a pair of young birds from
a winning team that for the last 10 years has won
over 200 x 1st Club plus a number of Fed wins,
also taking the first four in the UBI Combine with
over 2,000 birds with young birds. I will donate
two Jos Thoné young birds. Sire is out of Sars.
Dam is out of Miss World. This pair has bred five
different 1st prizewinners including 1st Combine.
Lot 9. Horseman & Simpson, Chesterfield.
Phil has kindly donated a pair of young birds from
the stock loft and will be out of a pair of Mike
Ganus grizzle pigeons. This pair has bred 2 x 1st
Fed winners for R. Wrasdale. Fed winning lines
only come up at charity auctions, class grizzles
from Phil’s stock loft.
Lot 10. A. S. Hughes, Rochdale offers a young
bird, same way bred as our middle-distance
award candidate, 4th Three Counties Combine,
367 miles, 3rd Three Counties, 401 miles, 1st
Section, 1st Open Yearling Elite MNFC, 4th
Section, 17th Open MNFC. Can have one same
way bred, or one off it, 10 x 1st Club, 10 x 1st
Fed, 5 x 1st Amal, multi-winning Open and Gold
Ring loft with great pigeons in Lot 10.
Lot 11. John Turner, Cumbria. Top Herman
lines in this youngster. Sire GB09J61995, stock
from Ronnie Wilburn. His sire GB02Z47062, 2 x
1st Club, 2 x 1st Fed. His dam GB05Z51262, 1st
Club, 2nd Fed for Ronnie Wilburn, Bentley, S.
Yorks. Dam GB09J61980, stock from Ronnie
Wilburn. Her sire GB06Z43217, 3 x 1st Club, 1st,
5th Fed. Her dam GB06-43219, 1st Club, 1st Fed
for Ronnie Wilburn. Top-class Hermans.
Lot 12. Rod Sparkes, Cleethorpes will be
donating a young bird for 2013 for the children
with brain injuries appeal so this young bird will
be from my very best for a great cause. In my
short racing career I have been 5 x Federation
Champion Highest Prizewinner and once runnerup
against up to 400 lofts and up to 6,000 birds a
week. I’ve won 12 x 1st Club which had 35
members sending up to 650 birds a week. Here
are just a few results my birds and their bloodline
have won: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 1,950
birds, 148 members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th,
1,074 birds, 78 members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th,
3,020 birds, 185 members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,
6th, 1,693 birds, 103 members, 1st, 4th, 6th,
4,866 birds, 304 members, 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th,
10th, 3,168 birds, 256 members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
6th, 2,912 birds, 254 members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Open NIPA 6,420 birds, 1st Open Midlands
National Alençon 4,000 birds, 11th Open
International Flying Club 3,754 birds, 6th Open
NIPA 25,550 birds, 10th Open NIPA 27,000 birds,
17th Open NIPA 26,870 birds, 18th Open NIPA
30,201 birds, 19th Open NIPA 27,000 birds, 4th
Open Ludlow Midlands National etc. Top, top van
de Rhee young bird on offer from Rod. I have
some of these birds and they are the real deal.
Lot 13. Crehan & O’Connor, Salford. Yet
another top-notch loft donating for the kiddies.
These lads need no introduction as their racing
performances over the years are top drawer. The
donated young bird will be out of the lads’ stock
loft. This will be a Janssen-based pigeon and will
be a class young bird with winning genes to back
it up. One not to be missed, winners breeding
winners. No expense spared on buying birds for
the stock lofts for the lads.
Lot 14. Duggan & Hughes, Pelsall, W. Mids will
donate a young bird from their stock loft. They
have won in the last three years racing (2010,
2011 and 2012) 30 x 1st Club and 4 x 1st Fed
racing in strong competition, winning from 85
miles through to 440 miles. The purchaser can
take their pick from the stock loft where we have
many top retired racers. Our family is based
around our original Wildemeersch pigeons which
we have had since 1993 and originating from
George & Carl Evans lofts. Many good birds
have been added to them including Joop Koch
birds from Andy & Mark Darby, some great
sprint-based pigeons from Mick Bowler in Ireland
and more recently some excellent Janssen birds
from Alan Maull of Wales. Nothing is kept pure at
our lofts, the best are paired to the best
regardless of strain. By doing this we have had
some great results and performances flying in
Pelsall DHS and Pelsall MWFC. We have topped
both the Federations these clubs fly in, these are
the Wolves Saturday Fed and Wolves Midweek
Fed (in fact we are the only loft to take all 20
prizes in one race in this Fed).
Lot 15. J. S. Ward, Oldham, the man to beat in
Oldham Amal. Sire P. van de Merwe x Veenstra,
won 2 x 1st Fed, 1st Amal 3,448 birds. His sister
won 1st Lancashire Combine Fougères. Dam P.
van de Merwe, won 1st Amal 2,870 birds. Her
brother won Best Bird Humberside plus 2 x 1st
Fed for Paul & Helen Johnson at Hull. A cracking
young bird on offer out of Federation/Amal
winning parents. Best of the Peter van de Merwe
Lot 16. G. Holker & Son, Swinton donate an M.
& D. Evans young bird, winner of 1st NFC Open
Nantes plus car, 1st Bamfords Gold Ring Open,
3 x 1st Combine, 1st NWGN. Pigeons with these
performances only come up for sale in the charity
auctions. National, Open and Combine winners
from this loft. Top drawer young bird in Lot 16.
Lot 17. Alan Bamford, Preston (Bamfords Top
Flight) will be donating a youngster bred from
our 30-year-old family of Bamfords Top Flight
Wildemeersch, the best of the old Wildies and
sure of a great young bird off Alan.
Lot 18. Louella Pigeon World, Loughborough
offers a 2013 Jan Aarden young bird. This will
come with full pedigree. True Grit, Invincible,
Smaragd lines to name just a few housed at
Louella. I’m sure this will be a cracking bred
pigeon for the cause.
Lot 19. Paul Beck, Dukinfield will breed
Lambrechts or pick of other breed. He will donate
two 2013 young birds. Some of Paul’s results:
Tewkesbury 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th Fed 1,872
birds, Blandford 1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th,
15th, 16th, 19th, 20th Fed 733 birds, Frome 1st,
2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Fed 1,902 birds this
year. Cracking racing pigeons in Lot 19, Fed
winners all the way.
Lot 20. Dave Gash, Brighton. The donated
young bird from Dave will be a Red Fox Janssen
(through Neil Tomlinson) x WLG Janssen
(through Dave Atkins). Everybody knows the
quality of the Wall, Lunt & Green pigeons. A
quality young bird will come from this loft. This
one will be ready late January to early February.
Lot 21. Douglas Fisher, Bingham, Notts kindly
donates a pair of 2013 bred young birds. These
should be ready end February or early March.
I’ve won a Silver Medal from Perth, had only bird
in race time from Lerwick. I’ve been involved with
pigeons since 1948. My present-day pigeons
(Gevaerts, van de Rhee, Janssen) winners
reported from Wales/Fed toppers, winning
pigeons for this loft and others who get them.
Quality assured in Lot 21.
Lot 22. Les Green, Manchester. The pigeon
Les is going to donate will be bred from his new
family, it is a Hardy Kruger pigeon. They are
incredible pigeons and I will donate one to your
charity from the best I have. The sire is a son of
Da Vinci, one of the best cocks Hardy has and
the dam is a daughter of the No. 1 cock Black
Power. Sire DV07274-10-1154, blue cock, direct
son of Da Vinci x Leonie. Leonie is a half-sister
to Cut the Cuteness, 3rd Open Sun City Million
Dollar Race and winner of a Mercedes car. She
is bred from Streetfighter x Dior. Dam DV07274-
12-692, dark hen, she is direct from the top cock
Black Power x Astina. She is a half-sister to the
Olympiad Champion Black Pearl. These pigeons
are going to be big in the UK and very sought
after already. Quality at its best Lot 22. As a
pioneer in pigeon racing in Germany, Hardy
Kruger has managed to gain international fame
after having won several National championships
and Ace Pigeon titles in Germany.
Lot 23. J. & G. Dutton, Solihull. This loft is one
of the top lofts in the UK to house Carl & Cyriel
Lambrechts. This family of multiple pigeons off all
the champions and producing big winners for
fanciers across the country as well as ourselves
having 120+ Fed cards for the last four to five
years including multiple 1st Club, Fed and Open.
This young bird will be ready end May/June time.
Due to demands on fanciers wanting these
Lambrechts with the winning performances, if
you like to race young birds it would be ideal,
otherwise this would be a great acquisition to
anyone’s stock loft. Full of winning Lambrechts
on offer, the real deal assured from a top loft.
Lot 24. I. Davidson & Son, Liverpool. Winner
of 1st Section L NFC Cholet 448 miles 2012. The
lads will be pairing up in February. The winning
lines at the lofts will be out of Armstrong &
Wheatley Jos Thoné stock. National Section
winners in this family. A winning loft breeding the
best of Jos Thoné.
Lot 25. Brian Holland, Keighley will donate a
2013 young bird, will be distance out of stock loft
and will contain all the best bloodlines of Pennine
Heights, Snydale Express and Tuff Nut. A
genuine fancier offering a top distance young
bird out of the stock loft.
Lot 26. Suzanne Ginley, Nelson. Sue has kindly
donated a pair of Janssen x van Loons. Sire
Janssen/van Loon, GB06Z71774, bred by Ian
Willis from York, 5 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 1st, 8th, 14th
Fed, 24th YMRC 2,950 birds. Sire GB01F33459,
bred for stock. Sire of Club, Fed, Open and
Combine winners. Dam GB01F33463, bred for
stock. Dam of Club, Fed, Open and Combine
winners. Magic Moments lines, NL83-1660349,
sire of 1st 11,000 birds, 1st and 2nd 6,020 birds.
Dam Janssen/van Loon, GB09E20033, bred by
Ernie Wilton from Manchester. Sire NL08-
1102665, Chicago Blue, van Loon, purchased
direct from Hans Eijerkamp & Son, sire and gsire
to winners at Club, Fed and Amal level of racing.
Son of Fabio x Lara Croft, daughter of Chicago.
Dam GB05J66788, schallie hen, Janssen. Good
breeding hen and dam of winners for Wilton
Lofts. She is a direct daughter of two of the
principle breeding pigeons being Big Brother and
Little Sister. Two well bred young birds in Lot 26.
Lot 27. Ponderosa UK Stud has kindly donated
a 2013 young bird. It will be a class Janssen
young bird from top winning lines that score up to
450 miles. Guaranteed top drawer young bird on
Thanks in advance to all donors and successful bidders from K. Burns and the children at Legacy
Rainbow House. All the
best in the 2013 season.
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i was asked to put this up Auction in aid of Rainbow House
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