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 Earlestown 1895

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PostSubject: Earlestown 1895   Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:08 pm

Hi all as the title says Earlestown founded in 1895, i am the currant secretary, the club being a 122 years old , we had our first winter meeting friday just gone this was to put in place winter shows to promote the club , something i was looking forward too, well it dident quite turnout lke that as i was handed 3 resignations which leaves just 5 flying members, so instead of looking forward we were having a disscission on folding the club up as we are all members of other clubs should we support them 100% as sooner or later one or two clubs will fold why not bite the bullit and close ours helping the other clubs to keep going , in the end they decided they wanted to keep going even though the club will be run on a tight rein with me still as secretary so maybe we will get another year or two out of it who knows
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Earlestown 1895
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