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 loft report on Mike Parker

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PostSubject: loft report on Mike Parker   Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:03 pm

i would like to thank Phil Fishlock for sendin me this write up

Welsh South Road fed
Twenty Questions to the Best in the West Lofts.
Loft Report on Mike Parker Maesteg.

1 When and how did you start in the sport?

I first started in the sport as a child in 1973 with limited results against some great local flyers like Francis Bros, Ivor Davies and my good friend Dai Aldridge (he is still going strong) however after a 15 year break I started again in 1993

2 Who was your first major influence?

Well after 1 or 2 years going from one family to another I met Serge Van Elsacker and I must say that this man has helped me in every way that he could from giving me top advise great tips and good pigeons, so I must say that Serge has influenced the way I fly pigeons more than any other, but that’s not to say that I have been lucky to have some great advice from some top local fanciers as well thanks to all of you.

3 Give details of your lofts,

My lofts are 90ft in length L shaped wooden structure build by Parkhall Lofts, split into 10 sections all trapping is done through open door (ets pads under bob wires in a tunnel} I have 2 stock sections 2 y/b sections the rest are for o/b racers and a section to keep unused birds.

4 Do you use deep litter or cleaned,

The lofts are scraped twice a day every day.

5 How many birds do you keep [racers & stock?

I keep 36 pairs of stock pigeons; I usually race about 70 o/b and rear about 100 y/b to race

6 What are your main Bloodlines at the moment?

The only family kept are from Serge Van Elsacker –Jepsen, from Schilde Belgium.

7 When do you like to pair the birds up?

The stock pigeons are paired up between 5th-10th Dec with the race team usually about 1 week later the only reason for this is that I can’t be in 2 places at once and I like to keep a close eye on the pigeons for the first few days of mating.

8 Do you pair your distance birds up at a later date?

No all birds are paired at the same time.

9 What systems do you put your racers on?

The pigeons are raced on the roundabout system from the 1st to the last race.

10 What preparation do you give the racers prior to racing?
[Medication & exercise how often how long]

As I have said the race team is paired early they are allowed to rear one nest and then they are parted at this time I start to exercise the pigeons normally this is about 7 weeks before the first race, the birds are exercised for approx. 1 hr. morning and evening, about 2 weeks before the 1st race the birds are given 4 maybe 5 short 7 mile tosses, the pigeons are treated for canker, respotory problems and for fungus 3-4 weeks before the 1st race

11 Do you train after the first race?

No training is done after the racing starts

12 Is there any specific preparation before a National?

No not really as I like to try to win all races so I try to get my pigeons in good order every week to win my club, and if conditions allow it the national will come, I believe that before you win a fed or national you must first win the club

13 What kind of food do you like and how do you feed

I feed a mixture of Bamfords, Versa Laga and Gem corns, which are mixed and fed by hand, the are no set measurements for me as I believe that pigeon racing is a day-to-day thing and there fore circumstances change so must the way you feed.

14 What system do you use for Young Birds?

In the past I have flown half my team on natural half on the dark but I have now found that this just takes up so much time that intend to fly all my babies on the dark this year.

15 How much racing do you like your young birds to have?

I like my y/b to all go to the coast however like I said it’s a day to day season to season thing lots depends on weather, the moult etc.

16 In your opinion what causes Y/bird sickness.

Well im no vet but I have noticed over the years that I tend to get YBS around the time that my second round of y/b start to cast their 1st flight so what can I say is it some sort of stress that drops the immune system enough to let the virus in I don’t know.

17 What do you use to combat or cure Y B S.

I have tried lots of products but for me Nyfuramicin seem to be the best for the job coupled with about 6 days of a good pro biotic after the treatment ends and most important lots of rest and a light diet.

18 Do you have a specific medication programme?

Yes the birds are treated regularly for canker, respiratory and fungal problems throughout the racing season.

19 Could you give us some of your top performances?
1st & 2nd open B.I.C.C National Gelainville
1st W.S.R.N.F.C lessay
Since moving to me present address I think I have topped the section of the W.S.R.fed 23 times won the most points in the fed in 2010, Topped the section of the welsh S.E Nat and combine.

20 If you could use only one product what would it be?

I think that would have to be Orego Stim I use this in the water every day for race and stock birds.
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PostSubject: Re: loft report on Mike Parker   Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:31 pm

Very interesting write up Rene , this is the loft where our Van Elsackers
originated from, best all round birds we,ve had.
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PostSubject: Re: loft report on Mike Parker   Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:37 pm

thanks for that
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PostSubject: loft report om mike parker   Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:23 pm

thanks for that will read after catch up with laptop ect
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PostSubject: Re: loft report on Mike Parker   

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loft report on Mike Parker
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