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 Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic

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PostSubject: Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic    Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:43 pm

i would like to thank Phil fishlock for sending me this loft report to put up on site Smile

Welsh South Road fed
Best in the West Loft Reports.
Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic

1 When and how did you start in the sport?

I started in the sport in 1987,Aftergiving up football through injuries, being competitive I needed something less physical, so I took up pigeon racing, after three races I won my first race which inspired me to continue in the sport.

2 Who was your first major influence?

I would say Peter Walsh, who is a top class fancier in his own right, at the time he was finishing with the birds through lack of time, So I persuaded him to join me in partnership,

3 Give details of your lofts,
The racing lofts are 54ft in length, split in to six sections, with an aviary, the stock loft is the same length and split into 5 sections, we also have a smaller18ft stock loft.

4 Do you use deep litter or cleaned,
We have half floor grills, half cleaned,

5 How many birds do you keep [racers & stock?
We have approximately 75 pairs of stock birds and around 120 to 130 racers, we rear around 150 young birds of which we usually loose 40 around the loft. We do fly two different Federations

6 What are your main Bloodlines at the moment?
Our main family are pigeons formulated by Peter and myself years ago, we also have Van Rijns, Van Reets, Sepers, and Kypers.

7 When do you like to pair the birds up?
Most of the birds are paired up beginning of January,

8 Do you pair your distance birds up at a later date?
Yes the distance birds are go together end of February,

9 What systems do you put your racers on?
The birds are raced on Roundabout and natural,

10 What preparation do you give the racers prior to racing?
[Medication & exercise how often how long]

The birds are treated for canker, worms, and respiratory before pairing and again 4 weeks before racing, I start letting the birds out for exercise about 5 weeks before racing, building it up to around 45 minutes, we start training them out to around 30 miles 3 weeks before the first race.

11 Do you train after the first race?
All depends on how they exercise around the loft and how much peace they get from the local raptors.

12 Is there any specific preparation before a National?
No as long as they show fitness around the loft,

13 What kind of food do you like and how do you feed
We use Court Farm Feed and Gem, and are fed as much as they want,

14 What system do you use for Young birds.
Half Darkness half natural,

15 How much racing do you like your young birds to have?
We like our youngsters to go to the coast, if in good condition feather wise.

16 In your opinion what causes Y/bird sickness.
I believe young bird sickness is caused through stress, through training and being chased by raptors as over the years I have put one youngster in the race team and one in the stock loft the ones in the stock loft never had sickness.

17 What do you use to combat or cure Y B S.

I have tried loads of products over the years and found the best one to be Complex from Lizzy Rigsby, Which she had from Frank Harper, The birds can be very ill but after 7 days on Complex the are back to normal.

18 Do you have a specific medication programme?
The birds are treated for Canker, Cocci, Respiratory, and fungal problems before racing starts, and during racing if needs be.

19 Could you give us some of your top performances?

Winning the National twice, and the section of the National 7 times, also topping different feds on numerous times.

20 If you could use only one product what would it be?
Oriego –Stim

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PostSubject: Re: Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic    Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:06 pm

thanks rene, enjoyed reading the loft report, some interesting info ther........... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic    Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:00 pm

Yes interesting read Rene
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PostSubject: Re: Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic    

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Loft Report on Mr & Mrs J Jones, Maesteg Celtic
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